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Went to Shedd Aquarium a few days ago
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Yesterday there was a lady at Target, (probably in her 50’s,) trying on the same pair of shoes as me. She told me she had a shower to go to, and she was thinking they were dressy but not too dressy for the occasion. She said they looked darling on me, but they didn’t have my size. Later I was walking to the check out with all of my stuff and she saw me again, walked up to me and told me that, I was “So beautiful.” Made my entire day. I told her to have fun at the shower.

Those of you who follow my blog probably know that I’ve had trouble with disordered eating and body image issues. I put too much of my energy caring about what I eat and the way that I look.So, this is my new project. To find something beautiful in every day. Today I helped my mom with her gardening.
Made myself a mug today.
Good morning loves!
Today. SO beautiful, but so cold. I need hot cocoa asap.
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You and I by Ingrid Michaelson > Any other song ever

Blind Pilot. <3
The absolutely gorgeous sunset tonight.